Snoring: 11 Home Remedies You Should Know

Snoring can really ruin your partner’s night. These natural remedies will help you quit and relieve you.

1) Change position while sleeping

When you sleep on your back, the muscles in your throat sag and suddenly it becomes narrower. Your breathing then causes vibrations, which lead to snoring. Sleeping on your side can keep your throat from closing as much, which can fix the problem of loud snoring. If you want a very simple object to help you sleep on your side, there are long bolsters that can support your body in a lateral position.

2) Sleep with a tennis ball

If you want your sweetheart to stop snoring heavily, “put a tennis ball in a T-shirt with a pocket he’ll have to carry from the front behind; that should help him sleep on his side, “said Dr. Shelby Harris, director of a sleep medicine center.

3) Lift your headboard

To avoid snoring, it is sometimes enough to raise the top of your bed a few centimeters. According to the Mayo Clinic, this will prevent your tongue from blocking your throat and will open your airways.

4) Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol before sleep can make your snoring worse. Alcohol actually reduces the muscle tone in your throat, which makes you more likely to snore. The American Academy of Otolaryngology recommends that you “avoid alcohol and large meals or snacks for at least four hours before bedtime.”

5) Nasal rinse

Flushing your nasal passages with a simple saline solution can help decongestion and reduce snoring. Reader’s Digest’s book, Doctors ’Favorite Home Remedies, states that the purpose of nasal irrigation is to“ help remove waste products from the nose, nasal passages and sinuses. Practiced daily, this hygiene measure counteracts the effects of pollution, dust and pollen. ” If you think your snoring is due to nighttime congestion, try a seawater nasal rinse that uses a neti pot – available at some pharmacies.

6) Get a humidifier

“Make sure you are able to breathe properly through your nose because, if it is congested, it will cause a suction effect in your throat, which will aggravate the partial or total sagging of the soft palate and language, ”says Dr. Steven Park. It is possible that the dry air in your room is responsible for this congestion. Try to get a humidifier to open your airways while you sleep and relieve your snoring. This will help you if your snoring is due to allergens or a cold.

7) Try the nasal strips

The nasal strips are particularly effective if your snoring is caused by a blocked nasal passages or by a deviation of the nasal septum. They help to widen the nasal passages. A Swiss study of 35 snorers found that these bands calmed their night snoring – according to the testimony of their partners. But if you snore a lot, Dr. Park adds, “It may be because of the particular anatomy of your jaw and inflammation.” In this case, he says, the nasal strips are likely to be ineffective.

8) Change your sheets regularly

If you feel good all day but are congested at night, you may have allergies. The allergens in your bed can irritate your airways and make you snore. Change your bedding frequently to eliminate dust mites.

9) Try mint products

Herbal remedies such as mint essential oil or menthol mouthwash can sometimes relieve mild snoring. Rubbing mint oil on your nasal walls can help open the nasal passages and menthol mouthwashes can also tighten the tissue in your throat. If you have a humidifier, add a few drops of mint essential oil to the water before bed.

10) Lose weight

“Losing weight could make your snoring go away since it would reduce the amount of soft tissue in your throat,” observes Doctor’s Favorite Natural Remedies. In a study of 690 people, 26% of those who had sleep apnea were able to control their snoring problem by losing 10% of their weight.

11) Quit smoking

The cigarette irritates the walls of the throat, which makes them swell. Also according to Doctor’s Favorite Natural Remedies, a Swedish study of 1,500 people found that 24% of smokers were heavy snorers, compared to 14% of non-smokers.

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