Cooking Quinoa: Our 20 Best Healthy Recipes

This grain with a phenomenal nutritional composition deserves to be consumed more. A single cup of cooked quinoa provides 8 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Quinoa is also rich in manganese, iron, and copper.

A recipe for cooking quinoa with brown rice and oyster mushroom duxelles

In this succulent and healthy recipe developed by chef Jamie Kennedy, a mixture of quinoa and brown rice is skillfully enhanced by oyster mushrooms, white mushrooms, peas, violin heads, parsley and cream.

A recipe for cooking quinoa with vegetables

In this light recipe, quinoa is combined with asparagus and green peas to create a delicious healthy salad.

A recipe for cooking quinoa with roasted salmon

This roast salmon with squash and tricolor quinoa is bursting with flavor and is particularly satisfying thanks to its high protein and fiber content.

A recipe for cooking quinoa in a risotto

In this tasty recipe, quinoa replaces rice and hearts of palm deliciously replace butter, which gives the dish a creamy texture. Garnish with parsley and parmesan and you will get a decadent mushroom risotto!

A salad recipe for cooking quinoa

Let yourself be tempted by this delicious corn salad which combines tomatoes, avocados, corn, lime juice and honey to create an enticing quinoa salad.

An appetizing recipe for fried quinoa

Discover a healthy and delicious alternative to fried rice. This slightly spicy recipe is seasoned with fresh ginger and tamari. While roasted sesame seeds add crunch, colorful vegetables provide fiber and vitamins.

A recipe for salmon and prosciutto to cook quinoa

In this recipe, mustard salmon fillets are wrapped in prosciutto and surrounded by tomatoes. They are served with a mixture of quinoa, corn and green onions.

A tasty recipe for fried rice and crispy chicken to cook quinoa

This very easy recipe uses a mixture of spicy rice and quinoa, garlic, mixed vegetables, your favorite South Asian brown sauce and chicken to create a delicious dish.

A delicious recipe for chili to cook quinoa

This pulled pork chili is a great way to cook quinoa.

A Thai chicken recipe for cooking quinoa

Only six ingredients are needed to make this Pad Ka Pow chicken inspired by the Super Thai street truck in Vancouver.

A Mexican recipe for cooking quinoa

Why try this bowl of roasted vegetables and black beans with Mexican flavor? Because it is as rich in fiber as it is delicious and packed with excellent nutrients and antioxidants. Garnish with hummus or your favorite vinaigrette!

An enticing recipe for healthy salad with vegetables and quinoa

This salad with colorful peppers, tomatoes and spinach is delicious dressed with its lime, honey and ginger vinaigrette. In addition, it satisfies appetite and taste buds without weighing it down.

A chickpea salad recipe for cooking quinoa

This succulent salad is even better if, once seasoned, you let it sit 30 minutes before serving.

A gourmet salad recipe for cooking quinoa

This quinoa salad with chorizo ​​is sumptuous. It contains avocado, which, in addition to providing a feeling of satiety, contains oleic acid which would help lower your cholesterol levels.

An original recipe for cooking quinoa

This accompaniment of quinoa with roasted nuts pleasantly surprises the taste buds by incorporating dry cherries.

A lunch recipe for cooking quinoa

Swap the sweet commercial cereals for this delicious alternative combining apples, cranberries, nuts and quinoa.

A recipe for lentils and cauliflower for cooking quinoa

Try the lentil and cauliflower recipe, you won’t regret it: this delicious vegetarian meal is a good source of protein and superfoods!

A delicious lunch recipe for cooking quinoa

This very nutritious breakfast has a creamy and light texture at the same time. Its aromas of roasted coconuts, pistachios and cardamoms are irresistible.

A recipe for grilled mustard and herb flank steak to cook quinoa

This recipe for grilled flank steak with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs will be delicious and balanced, accompanied by steamed broccoli and quinoa.

A recipe for chicken soup to cook quinoa

Add a handful of quinoa to this dill and parsnip chicken soup to increase protein and fiber. It will be more consistent and support you longer.

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