19 Soup Recipes Under 200 Calories

The best soup and soup recipes under 200 calories. You will be charmed by their taste, flavor and nutritional value. After all, nothing is more comforting than the smell of soup simmering on the stove. And it’s even better if it’s a healthy and light recipe!

A recipe for Portuguese soup with turkey sausage and kale

Among the best soup recipes is our improved version of a rich, nutritious but low-calorie soup. This variant uses turkey sausage, which tastes of traditional sausage, but is less fatty. The combination of fresh vegetables, kale, carrot and red pepper guarantees the almost complete range of vitamins and minerals.

A lower calorie Gruyère cauliflower soup recipe

A single serving of this bowl of warm, comforting soup with leek scent and seductive Swiss cheese flavor meets your vitamin C needs for the day.

A recipe for dill carrot cream of less than 200 calories

This carrot soup will have an even creamier consistency if you add a peeled zucchini cut into pieces at the start of cooking. A single bowl of this soup (just 101 calories!) Provides the recommended daily allowance of antioxidant provitamin A, as well as fiber and many minerals. When ready to serve, pour it into bowls and garnish with dill and a tablespoon of yogurt.

A low-calorie ravioli zucchini soup recipe

The lightness of the zucchini and the delicacy of the cheese ravioli will cause a sensation. Add chicken cubes and you will have a great soup meal.

A recipe for zucchini and watercress soup under 200 calories

This bowl of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals is a brilliant balance between the creaminess of zucchini and the spiciness of watercress. This smooth and tasty cream will help you consume more greenery.

A recipe for light Tom Yum Shrimp Thai Soup

This amazing recipe with a flavor of the Orient combines fresh pumpkin, shrimp and cherry tomatoes with the aromatic lemongrass stem. Ginger, tamarind and fish sauce give it overflowing flavors. Finally, coriander and mint garnish it nicely and give it freshness.

Among our best soup recipes, our tomato soup

This Cuban-inspired soup is an excellent source of protein thanks to the eggs it contains. Garlic gives the broth its rich flavor and anti-cancer properties. Finally, the slice of bread placed at the bottom of the bowls adds an appetizing and nourishing touch to this recipe.

A healthy and light fall cream recipe

Rare are the creams of less than 200 calories, but this one with autumn vegetables contains only 49. Carrots, celeriac, onion and garlic added to fresh goat cheese and chives offer you a rich and creamy taste. To change, you can replace the celeriac with squash or pumpkin. If you don’t have goat cheese, use sour cream.

A low calorie pea soup recipe

This leek pea soup is only 123 calories. It will be of great comfort to you on cold evenings. To vary, enrich this soup with small fried croutons, diced ham cut in a heel or smoked bacon passed quickly in the pan.

A recipe for vegetarian soup with carrots and lentils under 200 calories

This vegetarian soup of less than 200 calories proves to be very practical during weekday dinners. Thanks to the lenses, it has a high protein and fiber content. Serve it with a salad and a baguette for a quick meal.

A low calorie garden soup recipe

This soup combines a multitude of colorful vegetables with potato. Ginger and fresh herbs season it. Its traditional flavor will certainly bring you a big dose of comfort.

A comforting tomato soup recipe with less than 200 calories

The spices that emerge from this bright red broth will make you salivate. The thing behind its rich flavor? Brown sugar and dried herbs. This soup will also make you enjoy the lycopene of the tomato.

A recipe of apfelsuppe (Apple soup)

This refreshing soup can be eaten hot or cold. Its sweet and slightly tart taste will seduce you. Cinnamon delicately scents it and makes it particularly comforting.

A low-calorie carrot detox soup recipe

This colorful soup is an important source of beta-carotene, which your body will convert to vitamin A. For a variation, add ginger or cumin, peeled and chopped. Enjoy it at home or take it in a thermos to the office.

A recipe for light squash soup

In this light soup, the squash and spinach are enhanced by a pinch of grated nutmeg. Although cream-based soups are delicious, they are higher in calories and fat. Fortunately, the soup can be given a creamy consistency while reducing fat by incorporating rice, as in this recipe.

A healthy root vegetable soup recipe of less than 200 calories

This creamy, tasty and slightly sweet soup will warm you up on winter evenings. Parsnips and turnips have long been used to add consistency and flavor to many dishes. This healthy soup is an easy and delicious way to add vegetables to your daily diet, especially in winter.

A recipe for Japanese tomato and tofu soup under 200 calories

This soup made from dashi, a Japanese broth, is flavored with miso and ginger. Tomatoes and spinach enrich it with nutrients while diced tofu makes it more filling.

A recipe for light fish, tomato and fennel soup

This Mediterranean white wine soup is so nutritious that it can be the main protein dish of the meal, the portion of fish being sufficient for this. In addition, it provides a very good supply of beneficial antioxidants thanks to the tomatoes. Serve with raw vegetables and a slice of whole wheat bread.

A recipe of broth of wild mushrooms and herbal croutons under 200 calories

This elegant broth of fresh wild mushrooms can be cooked quickly. Homemade parsley and mint croutons are exquisite.

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